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Ryan's story.

Ever had a large web design agency picked out but felt like something wasn’t quite right yet? Were you really longing for  someone who could craft a website that gives the feel of personal connection for your business?

We get calls like this from other business owners. They’ve looked around, possibly even chosen someone else for their project, but then happen to see our site. They read around and fall in love.

Ryan Swearingen of Shield Reverse Mortgage had this happen to him. Then he ended up reading our entire site one night and fell in love with the flavor of how we talk and work.

You see, Ryan was working in an entirely competitive field. He needed a competitive edge or else he’d put his investment at greater risk. And he was already incredibly personable himself, so he wanted his website to reflect that special part of his business.

Ryan reached out to us and hired us basically on the spot. The resulting website stood out for several reasons.

  • Captivating messaging with clear and simple language
  • Inviting graphical interface with imagery that his market could relate to
  • Easy navigation so aged visitors wouldn’t get frustrated
  • He was easy to fall-in-love with because the site was personal…even including photos of Ryan when he was in the army. (How many other mortgage websites tell the personal story of its loan officer and show off personal, non-staged, photos?!)

The final story? Because Ryan chose Smitten, he was able to relax knowing he’d made a choice that was the right fit for his specific business goals. However, just shortly after his website went live, the government changed how this type of mortgage paid loan officers and it was no longer worth the marketing investment. Ryan hasn’t decided yet what angle he’ll take this website for the future.

The unforeseen and unpredictable do happen in business. Even our best efforts can be sidelined by changes we can’t control. At least, as business owners, we can look back and know that we’d made the best possible decision with the information we had. Right?!

Want to showcase how personable your business is? Ready for a Smitten upgrade?

If you’re feeling like you want the visitors to your website to be smitten with your personable personality, it’s possible a Smitten upgrade might be just the right fit. You’ll never know though unless we connect and discuss it! So go ahead. That simple call might be the beginning of great things.

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