Attract them easier

Tired of your business looking dull and confusing? Wish you had a look that attracted people by showing them visually how awesome you really were? Wish everything about your brand all reflected the same look and feel?

Sometimes, enough is enough. Years of looking less-than takes its toll and change is necessary–change to your logo, website, and everything else that people see regarding your business image.

That’s exactly what happened with the Prineville Crook County Chamber & Visitor Center. They realized their old website and logo weren’t reflecting the image they wanted to portray to the public. They wanted to stand out and be their new (updated) selves.

Once referred to us by Bryan Iverson, Kim Daniels, the Executive Director of the Chamber reached out to see what we could do to make them look amazing. A grant from Facebook helped pay for the project, and Smitten got jumped into action creating a logo and website that took Prineville to new heights.

Today, the Prineville Chamber & Visitors Center has way more confidence as they share their website with visitors all across the nation. With new hirees looking at moving to the area to work at all the new Facebook data centers, it’s no longer an embarrassment to invite anyone to move to the area!

And other Chambers around Oregon are taking notice of their website as well and calling them to congratulate them on their fantastic new look. They even got a call from Travel Oregon to give them kudos for how awesome their new site looks! How’s that for a way to end a website redesign project?!

Ready for your business to look amazing?​

Would a premium website handcrafted to show off your best side help your business? Would having your people fall in love with your business be a good thing? If so, we’re open and just might be able to help.