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Beauty Tracks Cattery

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A kitten love story.

Feeling like the website you built yourself just doesn’t cut it any more? Like you need something that packs a punch, catches more attention, and pulls on heartstrings?

If that’s you, you’re not alone. We’ve worked with all kinds of business people who started out with a website they made themselves, and then eventually outgrew it. And that’s actually a good place to be!

That’s where Cynthia was with her kitten website. She had a great business. People loved her kittens. But her website needs were just a little beyond what she could pull off herself.

And that’s when she connected with us, again. You see, we’d already built a website for her husband’s dental practice that was working well for them. She thought that possibly we could help her sell her kittens easier as well.

In researching her competition, interestingly we found that almost all animal breeder-related websites lacked seriously in the allure and captivate department. So it bespoke of serious opportunity for Cynthia!

What turned out was a complete website makeover. The end result?

  • An alluring site that pulled her audience in to see more
  • A competitive edge because the site stood out among her competitors
  • Easier sales because the site easily hit the heartstrings of her target market
  • People actually saying they chose her because her website looked so good (a.k.a. they were Smitten!)

No longer does Cynthia stress about a website that isn’t meeting the needs of her growing business. Her new site speaks volumes to her visitors in via the highly alluring interface, the plentiful reviews, the ease of choosing a kitten, and more. Because of this, she’s now able to focus on helping more families enjoy the love that a new kitten brings!


Old website? Is it time to move towards more love?

It’s not always easy to take the plunge on a new website. But if the time is right, crafting a Smitten site that will allow your people to fall in love with you can make a significant difference for your own psyche and your business! Is it time for you to make the call for more love from your website?

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